About me

Hi! My name is Aparajita, I am from India and I was born to travel. I like to think of myself as the Superwoman of Wanderlust, trying to save humanity from the shackles of the cubicles, one travel story at a time! My haversack is my costume and the wandering stick is my weapon of choice.

I come from a land which has taken shine to capitalism in the last few decades. So, it was a challenging decision to quit my 10-to-6 job last year, because no more “stability”, no more hefty paycheques, no more “life as we know it”… However, it was because I was losing my mind living the life-as-we-know-it that I took the plunge into the unseen, packed my bags, let go of the apartment, and got on the move. These demons were tough to fight because I consciously chose rough uncertainty over curated luxury. But then, it was time to get real!

Since I started, I have travelled the Indian sub-continent on a ferociously stringent budget, stayed in the dustiest hotels, bounced the roughest roads in transport buses (you have to experience them to believe them!) as a single Indian girl, backpacking alone. And I have lived to tell the tale. Which, methinks, is much more interesting and gritty than it would have been if I had seen it from the poolside of a heritage resort!

So, I am here to understand how to tell my tale better. And induce more people to give it to quit their jobs, fall in love, buy a ticket and never return!